My series, 'Still/Standing'  primarily focuses on the neglected and damaged architecture of Rockaway Beach. The spaces I create in my paintings are intended to evoke longing and loss, yet hint at expansiveness and possibility. My creative process begins with capturing images of these buildings with my camera. This allows me to step back and see the physicality of these structures for what they are: alone, hollow, crumbling, what once was possible, full of potential. Through a process of painting and layering encaustic, my intention is to renew these forgotten spaces and to bring attention to not just the ground they are planted on, but also the sky, the infinite space above and around them. Through creating intense and turbulent skies my aim is to bring a sense of calm and wisdom to these spaces: they have stood the test of time and are content, confident in who they are, no need for fanfare. They are places to come to rest, both physically and emotionally, allowing the viewer a moment to reflect, looking upward as well as inward.