I consider my 'Surfacing' series, which includes the sub-series 'Fragments', visual poetry which reflects the urban ocean environment where I live. My studio is by the ocean in Rockaway Beach in New York City, and I am greatly influenced by, and draw inspiration from, the light and tones of the open sky, beach and water. 'Fragments' is directly inspired by the shards of ceramics and pottery that I find washed up on the beach. Within these fragments, which fit in the palm of my hand, I find patterns, colors and textures which bring maps, networks and arteries to mind. I strive to convey a lyrical quality in my use of mixed-media, which includes encaustic, an ancient wax process. When viewing my work, one steps through a watery, luminous surface into a world created from the layering of collage; pigments; incised textural patterns; drawings.  
With all these different possibilities of material and gesture, a two-dimensional space is transformed—gaining depth and luminosity, taking on a life of it’s own. My paintings bring an awareness and mystery to the elements that influence my art.